[G172] - Motivity Labs - Data Engineer - Google Cloud Platform

Motivity Labs

Full Time

Position : GCP Data Engineer Experience : 7+ Years Job Description : - Overall, 5 to 8 years of rich data engineering experience - Participate in Requirements Gathering- work with key business partner groups and other Data Engineering personnel to understand Business unit wise data requirements for the analytics platform. - Design Data Pipelines: work with other Data Engineering personnel on an overall design for flowing data from various internal and external sources into the Analytics platform. - Build Data Pipelines from scratch with Python and SQL: leverage standard toolset and develop ETL/ELT code to move data from various internal and external sources into the analytics platform. - Develop data migration, conversion, cleansing, retrieval tools and processes (ETL). - Metadata driven data pipelines development experience. - Minimum Expertise of 3 years on Google Cloud Storage, data fusion, dataflow, pub/sub, Big query, Bigtable, cloud functions, cloud composer, airflow, app engine, cloud data prep, cloud spanner, loud dataproc. - Building batch & streaming large scale data pipelines in the enterprise data warehousing and data lake environments. - Well versed with data file formats Avro/parquet/json/orc processing. - Very good at SQL and advanced SQL. - Exposure to Looker & Data Studio. Website : Rounds : 3 Technical Rounds followed by HR Round. (ref:hirist.com)


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