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Lazyapply Ai Job Description Creator Review

Beth Thompson
1 review
Nov 04, 2022
Fast and free, works as described.

I wanted to post a job on linkedin and was searching for job description templates, glad i found out lazyapply job description tool. It works really well and it wrote a great personalised copy for me in seconds. Really impressed.

Brandon Bell
1 review
Dec 06, 2022
This is time of AI and you must use it for your advantage.

This is a time of AI and i think if you are not using it for your advantage you are lagging behind. Small and great tool, worked really well for me.

Karen Mitchell
1 review
Dec 10, 2022
I'd definitely recommend ! Thanks and great job ! :)

Amazing! I'm in love with this tool, I'm a product manager and this has been truly helpful with the job description ! ... I'd definitely recommend ! Thanks and great job ! :)

Richard Smith
1 review
Dec 13, 2022
Great product from awesome team. Using it daily.

An awesome idea and great product from the extremely talented makers !! Highly recommended! I am running an recruitment firm and this is in my bookmark. I use it excessively to post job on linkedin and indeed.

Frequently Asked Questionsadd-to-chrome

1. What is a job description generator?

It’s an AI powered generator that is trained to automatically write personalised job descriptions for your next job post. You can use these generated parts as templates modify them a bit and use it to post for jobs on platform like linkedin and Indeed.

2. How does it works ?

So there are some mandatory field and there are some optional field that we ask in job description generator. You have to enter job title and your company URL as a mandatory field and then click on generate job description button. Our AI will generate beautiful template for you. You can also enter other details in optional field to make the job post more personalised for your company.

3. Is it free?

Yes this tool is absolutely free forever. No signup required.

4. Will it work as linkedin job description generator?

Absolutely. You can use LazyApply AI generator to generate job description that you can post on any platform like Linkedin, Indeed or Ziprecruiter.


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