LinkedIn easy apply bot!

LinkedIn easy apply bot.

Are you feeling exhausted because of applying for jobs manually or feeling it is a waste of time?
Do you know you can save a lot of time using bots to apply for jobs?
We just want you to think that way!

In no time you would be able to sign-up for our automated platform to apply for jobs without going through the pain.


Many thanks for joining us.

Here at LazyApply, we take pride in providing the best AI-Based bots that automate your job application making it simpler and more efficient.
Using advanced algorithms and AI, LazyApply automatically fills out job applications and submits them to recruiters in just a single click. It has a very strong automation solution that allows you to automate jobs without needing any coding knowledge. The LazyApply team spent months ensuring that our platform is easy to use and user-friendly with no hassle at all.

No longer do you have to waste precious time trying to apply for jobs manually.

Apply for jobs like a boss!

How it works?

LazyApply leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate the tedious and repetitive parts of your job application process such as sending emails, filling out forms, and updating information.

LazyApply submits your applications to recruiters in a single click.

It is simple to use and easy to configure. It even allows you to tailor the application experience to your preferences.

You can have multiple LazyApply accounts so you can apply for jobs that have different rules and processes. You don’t need to be hiring the same job for multiple companies and data sets. You can apply to different jobs with different company logos and URL parameters.
The amount of time you can save by using this job application automation platform is immense!
Here's a simple attachment, how LazyApply automates your application.

Why you choose LazyApply's LinkedIn bot over others?

The importance of natural language processing and automating repetitive tasks.

Salient features:

1. The instant notifications you receive after application submission.

2. Track the status of your applications and track their status in our online portal.

3. The online platform makes job application an extremely efficient and seamless experience.

4. Search for jobs based on desired keywords and filter applications based on various criteria.

5. Track your productivity and track your progress.

6. Transfer emails without any hassle.

7. Excellent analytics and excellent filters based on the job's salary, location, date of job pasting, Experience Level, Industry Job Title, and Remote/Onsite.

8. Clean and intuitive interface.

Why you should check out LazyApply's service?

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to customize to your requirements.
  • No need for coding knowledge or inputting data.
  • Value for money bot.
  • Lots of options and choices to enhance your experience.


We hope you’ve found the service interesting and useful. If you have any queries, feel free to email us at
Our company motto is to provide you the most efficient and compatible bot.
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