To ace any job interview, a candidate must answer the interview questions very wisely. For answering the job interview questions a candidate must know the type of question asked in an interview to answer it perfectly. In today's blog, we focus on application based questions along with some examples.

Application based questions

What are application based questions?

There are two types of questions, one that is based on theory and the other one that is based on practicality. As the name application based question suggests it is related to the practical knowledge of a candidate. So, the meaning of the application question is to apply the theoretical knowledge in daily life. The objective of application based questions is to check the candidate's interpersonal skills, analytical skills, aptitude, applicability of theoretical knowledge, problem-solving skills, etc. 

These application questions relate more to your resume and cover letter to evaluate your competency for the job role. Hiring managers may ask these application questions either during the interview round or maybe during a test round. Having an effective resume and cover letter is a must for a candidate in order to secure to role. Along with that answering these applied questions in a wise manner is also important to ensure that you are the best fit for the role offered by the employer. Most of the application questions are very general but sometimes answering those becomes a big deal.

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What are some Application Based Questions Asked during an Interview?

1. Introduce yourself

Start by introducing your name, the place you belong to, high school, graduation, etc. Next comes your motivation, the driving force to work for the particular role, and your industry experience. Try to incur the things that are not included in your resume and close the conversation by talking about your hobbies or any personal experience, etc. to connect better with the hiring manager.

2. Why do you want to work for this company?

Employers ask such questions to test your research about the company and how you will benefit the company. The answer should clearly show how enthusiastic you are about the particular role, your career goals, aims, and motivation for the position. It should be convincing for the recruiter and connect your goals with the job role.

3. What are your strengths?

Recruiters ask this question to check your confidence and to know exactly what makes you stand out from other candidates. Answer this question in such a way that it highlights your full potential and the uppermost extent of your abilities to ensure the recruiter that you are the best fit for the role.

4. What are your weaknesses?

Answer these questions very honestly to show your loyalty towards the job role but keep in mind that the weakness should not coincide with the skills needed for that particular job role Also tell them the ways you are implementing to work upon your weaknesses.

5. What makes you the right candidate for the role?

Well, this question is to test your uniqueness and the best qualifications that make you different from other candidates. Answer this question in a manner that demonstrates your skills and abilities in accordance with the company's requirements. Don't forget to add a line that "Whatever I get from the company, will make it twice or thrice for the company and I hope to be mutually benefited"

These are not the final form answers but just a pathway. Try to include as per your understanding and good luck!