How to write a letter requesting help?

Should it be a formal letter? 

The answer is yes! Of Course, it should be a formal letter.

Here are some of the best steps you keep in mind while writing a formal letter:

1. Be polite.

We all know the value of being polite. People will take your letter as the truth if you treat it as such. You will also get some attention and respect for your formal request.

2. Do not “bribe” the person.

Don’t write a letter in which you try to cover everything up with baseless, shallow, and small-minded arguments. This kind of letter will surely get back to the person and his employer. In fact, it’ll be the first thing he’ll see upon reading your letter. If you fail to convince them, then you failed in your writing!

3. Know your specific problem.

If you don’t understand your problem well, then you’re wasting your time writing the letter. You will be wasting your time and the person’s time also, who’s likely to ignore your letter.

4. Your letter should be short.

No more than 100 words. This is to maintain polite yet direct communication.

Also, keep in mind that the person who gets the letter will not wait for your whole email (s) to read it. Therefore, you need to be specific about what exactly needs to be done.

5. Give a deadline.

The deadline should be within two weeks from the time of receiving your letter.

And if you are writing an email, you can write it in less than 50 words.

6. If you can’t solve the problem right now, just ask.

Most companies will want to resolve the problem as soon as possible, so they’ll probably get back to you, most of the time.

7. Include a phone number.

You can either write it yourself or get someone to write it for you. You need to find out if the person responds to the letter. If they do, then it’ll be a good sign, and you can continue the conversation.

If they don’t, then it’s time to move on and find someone else.

8. Conclude with a sentence, if possible.

This helps the person who gets the letter in writing.

It can also be included in your email if you are writing it for a different person. The sentence usually goes like this:

“I’d like to work together, if possible.”

Let the other person fill in the last few words. This will help strengthen your relationship and help you a lot with your request.

What format you should follow for a formal letter asking for support?

1. Start with an introduction or a statement
This is a very important part of the letter and it’s often overlooked. You can write a short introductory paragraph about yourself. This can be as simple as saying that you are asking for a recommendation because you’re currently unemployed.

2. You should write an action phrase or a request
This is one of the most important aspects of the letter. You should write down a specific action phrase that can be used to complete your request. Here are some examples:
“I’d like to be considered for a position as a human resources assistant”
“I’d like to work as a software developer”

3. You should include an action plan
You should write down a detailed action plan that can be used to complete your request.

4. Add some emotional elements to your letter
This step is often skipped. People think that letters should be simple and in a way as if they had received an email.
That’s a very good idea, but don’t forget to add some emotions to your letter. Emotions help people to pay more attention to the situation.

5. Let them know that you are not being judgmental
If you ask for a job as a human resources assistant, then the first thing the company is going to do is go through your resume. In that case, they would not really care what the rest of your resume contains. If you are writing your letter to a software developer, then the first thing he would notice is the amount of your previous projects.
Therefore, in the beginning, you should write something like this:
“I’m currently unemployed and I’d like to work as a software developer for a company that develops the newest web-based applications.”

6. Link the letter to your resume
This is often overlooked but it’s very important. When you send your letter to the company, you should link it to your resume, so the person reading it can see your job history and accomplishments.

7. Conclude with a sentence, if possible.
This helps the person who gets the letter in writing.

Some sample letters asking for help are attached below:

1. A Letter for a Recruitment Specialist:

Good afternoon,

I’m one of your potential candidates, with excellent technical skills, and experience of working for the last 8 years.

My question is about a personal issue I am going through, and I need your kind advice. I’m looking for your help with getting a job as a software engineer in your company, which is known for giving great hiring advice.

Can you please help me?


Name withheld

2. A Letter for a Recruiter:

Good afternoon,

My name is E.C. and I am a graduate of your company, specializing in software engineering.

I am currently unemployed and looking for a job in the software development industry.

I am looking for a recruiter who can help me find a suitable job in your company. Can you please help me?


Name withheld

3. A Letter for a Company Manager:


My name is Gary and I’m currently working as a software development manager with your company.

As you know, I recently had a situation, where I wasn’t able to solve a personal problem that had arisen.

I was looking for your company’s help with resolving the issue, but unfortunately, I’m unable to do so right now.

I’m looking for your help.

Can you please help me?


Name withheld

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