How to remove open to work on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides you with a bundle of features that ease your job hunt process and reduces your efforts. There's a feature called open to work using which you can directly add your position, location, remote/hybrid work in a single click.

When you apply this feature to your LinkedIn, you see that a banner signifying Open to work is visible on your profile pictures and recruiters easily find you. But what if you got a job and no longer you need to mention it? So, let's learn how to remove open to work from your LinkedIn Profile in some easy steps given below.

How to Remove Open to Work in LinkedIn on a PC

For removing that banner Open to Work, follow the easy steps:

1. Open LinkedIn in new tab and log in to your profile

2. Click on your profile with the help of the icon given on the left side of the screen as shown in the above picture.

3. Select the pop up "View Profile."

The above steps will take you to an interface showing your Open to Work status in a box just under the main info of your profile, there you can see your job preferences with the roles. Now, we shall learn to remove it from your profile. Just follow the steps below.

1. Click the icon looking like a pencil in the box "Open to Work".

A window will open showing the details you filled while enabling "Open to Work" feature.

2. Now you will find the "Delete from Profile" option at the bottom left corner of the window.

3. Take your cursor to that button and hit "Delete" in the pop-up, and the "Open to Work" feature will be disabled from your profile.

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