Can god help me find a job?

Well, there is no doubt that miracles exist on earth, God may probably provide you with the job. But this doesn't mean that you do not need to put effort, because God is only with those having hard work. Maybe God is waiting for you take just one step ahead then he will help you. But what one step you should take?

Take One Step Ahead, Of course, the answer is an obvious one: As a good businessman, you need to provide yourself with the opportunity to work, no matter where you may be and to work hard. But it's not sufficient to just provide yourself with the opportunity. You need to make the right use of it and work hard. Even if you are currently doing business, make sure you provide yourself with the opportunity.

Look around you, and how many opportunities you may find, if you haven't so far you may have become a failure. You need to be patient with yourself and think about those who have succeeded so far and what they did, then you can help yourself to succeed as well.

You can find out from those who have succeeded, those who have had the opportunity to have the job and make the right use of it. But you need to take action to find such opportunities, just work hard and you will surely be successful.

God is not against you having such an opportunity, you just need to be proactive and take one step ahead.

If you feel you are working hard to succeed you can't have such an opportunity for sure. But, you also need to be patient and believe that God will provide you with it, no matter what.

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Should you totally depend on God?

This is a key question if you really need to help yourself. What if God doesn't provide you with the opportunity? Should you totally depend on him?

Of course, you can't just depend on God because in all fairness you are your own person. At the same time, you can't just ignore your responsibility either.

God is going to answer all your prayers, as long as you leave your duty to do it yourself. This does not mean that God is going to give you opportunities so you can work for yourself, it simply means that he will provide opportunities so you can work, whether you want to or not.

God may or may not even answer your prayers, at the end of the day he may make you waste your time and even your money, just to prove how much he values you, it's also something to consider.

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Pro Tip:

If you are not going to work for yourself, there is one thing you must do, which is to get an online job application system. You may want to create a website.

That way, you can build a system that will directly deliver you the job opportunities you are interested in. A simple sign-up on that site and you will be able to see those you are interested in and apply to those jobs.


LazyApply does not see that you don't have the experience, or that you are new to the field. LazyApply looks beyond that and sees a bright future for you.

God has done a lot for you if you look around you and you are given this chance. Don't waste it, work hard and make sure you can capitalize on this opportunity.

“The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.” Soren Kierkegaard

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It can be possible that God may not help you find a job but it is 101% surety that LazyApply provide with you a job.

We hope we helped you make your decision!