Add GitHub URL to your LinkedIn Profile 

LinkedIn is a great application when you're looking for job opportunities. It is used as an employment tool, there is nothing in saying it as a "Recruiter Hub". It helps potential users to find great job opportunities as well as it helps recruiters to find potential candidates. It shares the valuable information with the recruiters for giving you a competitive edge. Make sure to add all the information or all the asset that will make you unique and help LinkedIn to fascinate recruiters to recruit you.

So, in today's article we'll be going to learn how to add your GitHub URL to your LinkedIn profile in some easy steps with pictures.

Before that I would like to ask you Why to add GitHub account on LinkedIn?

Let me answer it, if you are a developer and looking for a job. Then, you need to showcase your projects and I personally think that GitHub is a best place to show your work highlights to have a great impression. And that is why you should definitely add GitHub to your LinkedIn Profile.

Now, just follow the steps given below to include your GitHub to Your LinkedIn profile :

1. First of all "Sign In" to your LinkedIn account

2. Then, you see "Open Profile Icon" in the top right corner, click it

It will show your profile interface.

3. Now, just below your name you'll find "Contact Info" Click on it.

Then a pop-up will be shown.

4. Click on the pencil like Icon in the right of the other window open.

5. Then, you find "Add a Website", Click there and add your GitHub URL there and in the below column fill "Other"

6. Lastly, Click on "Save"

There you go!

Hope the blog helped, in case of any query feel free to contact us LazyApply

Have a nice day!